Dog Licenses
Valid from the time of issue until the date when the animal’s most recent, valid rabies vaccination certificate expires, usually three years (new born animals usually one year). The expiration date on the animal’s vaccination certificate shall be the expiration date of the city license.
License Fee
Dog (not spayed/neutered)     $25.00
Dog (spayed/neutered)             $15.00

Animals licensed for a portion of the time for which the rabies vaccination is valid (new move ins, newly acquired animals, etc.) are still charged the full amount for the initial license.

A late fee equal to half the cost of the applicable license shall be added to the cost of the license if the license is obtained after those thirty (30) days. [NLC Code 13-301 (C)]

Kennel License Per Year$50.00 (Plus the one-time cost of the conditional use permit)
Impound Fee$15.00   first offense
$30.00  second offense
$100.00 third offense

(for multiple offenses, the higher impound fee is charged if the offense is within a time frame of 365 days)

Boarding Fee$14.00 per day* for dogs, or
$10.00 per day* for cats, or

actual cost to the city, whichever is greater

* minimum of one day's fee charged regardless of actual time boarded

Euthanasia Fee$25.00 or actual cost to the city, whichever is higher
Tag replacement fee$3.00

Note. Wherever the Master Fee Schedule states “or actual cost to the city” the applicant must reimburse the city for all costs incurred by the city arising with respect to the fee including any reasonable and necessary legal, engineering, or other professional fees; costs of advertising or giving of legal notice; special material; or other direct costs.

Amended by Res. Res 17-14 on 11/1/2017